17 Things to Soak Up - MPLA/NLA/NSLA Tri-Conference
10/25/2012 01:55:00 PM | Author: Christa
Thursday, October 18, 2012
Carrie Turner – Westside High School, Omaha, NE

Went to AASL Conf. – saw presentation by Alicia Duell, Riverside Brookfield High School – they branded their program - t-shirts and mugs made for it.

Brought 23 Things down to 17 so teachers not so overwhelmed.

“Thanks Web 2.0 Fairy!” video – YouTube. To introduce program to principal/tech person.

Why was this appealing?

1-1 high school

Web 2.0, 3.0 and beyond is important to teaching

Who were the players?

Principal and district technology coordinator – approval for idea, time to introduce to staff, $ for prizes, incentive is important.

All HS teachers invited to participate – over 160 teachers.

In spring – round 2 – will open up to aides too. Spring 2012 first time, trying it out with just teachers first.

Wanted to use a web 2.0 tool to introduce program to teachers – used Xtranormal. Showed during staff meeting. Used names of common web 2.0 tools in conversation. Nice :)

Gave them a survey to see how much interest there was. Are they familiar with tool? 80 responses out of 163 teachers. Feedback was positive, had backing of principal and tech person.

Told teachers they would be eligible for lots of prizes. $50 gift card to Nebraska Furniture Mart – biggest prize.

Typical 23 things format. 1 thing each week, called them ’missions’, wrote on a blog they created. Give links to other places to learn more, or other tools/resources so they knew there are other things out there, not just the one tool in the program.

Locked down, not public. On a school server.

Week 1 - Create their blog.
Week 2 - Photos & images – places to post, mashups
Week 3 - YouTube, TeacherTube, screen recording – teachers have access to YouTube, students don’t. so, for teachers personal learning, not anything they can use in the classroom.
Week 4 - RSS & newsreaders
Week 5 - Play week
Week 6 - Tagging, Social bookmarking & Technorati – students get tagging, many teachers don’t know what they are.
Week 7 - Wikis
Week 8 - Summarize thoughts on the program. Would they do it again?

Questions -

Any in person meetings? No, all independent, so they could do it whenever they had time. At home, during class when students are working.

8 weeks good amount of time? Would have made it shorter. Never stretch it longer. Almost like pulling teeth each week to get them to do that week’s thing.

23 things – NLC? Yes, she borrowed from that. :) Other suggestions – missions about databases.

Prizes – cheap, fun things off of Amazon and Etsy.
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