It's that time again! Time to actually use this blog for something - sharing my conference notes! It seems like the only time I post anything here is after I've attended some conference sessions, or presented at a conference, and get the urge to share what I've learned. And, I'm OK with that.

Oh, sometimes I'll throw something else in for fun, like a Nebraska Learns 2.0 lesson. But not as often as I'd like to.

But, I still do love my blog site for it's perfect ability to gather into one place all of the other places I wander online. They're over there to the right -->

So first off, here is the presentation I did last month at Computers in Libraries 2012 with Louise Alcorn from the West Des Moines (IA) Public Library. We were very pleased to have a good crowd who stayed to the very end of our session, even though the exhibitor's reception (with free food and booze!) was coming up right after us.

Related links are on my Delicious. Louise and I plan on adding more links as we find relevant articles, blog posts, etc.

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