Friday March 23, 2012

DianaFriend, Director, Communications & Marketing, Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library
They hired CIVICTechnologies to create Community Connect – Mark Futterman.
Cross GIS information with patron information.
Find out what your market segments are to focus services.
GIS=Graphical Information Systems Data
Perception vs. Reality – get the data, don’t just assume you know what your community situation is. TSCPL learned they were very wrong about many of their perceptions of their patrons and community.
Used market segmentation to create topic neighborhoods – group books by what users really want – example: phrase books in the travel neighborhood (section).
(Personal Note: For TSCPL librarians who couldn’t attend CiL, they did a video of their part of the presentation. Nice touch! Would Skype also work?)
Community Connect identified the services, collections and programs that match the different geographic areas’ interests, using the Market Segmentation data.
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