Internet Librarian 2011: Better Late Than Never
11/17/2011 02:34:00 PM | Author: Christa
It's been a month since I enjoyed yet another great time at Internet Librarian in Monterey, California. Since then I have been crazy busy both at work and at home, so haven't had any time to share my experiences there. I've finally decided to get this done, before the next one sneaks up on me. First an overview of some things, then I will post my notes from the sessions I attended.

On Sunday morning, October 16, Michael Sauers and I presented our pre-conference on Webcasting and Podcasting. We shared how we run the Nebraska Library Commission's NCompass Live online show with a small, but very lively, group of librarians.

On Tuesday evening, I attended the Great Web 2.0 Face-Off. A hockey themed competition to see who knew the the best collaborative tools out there. Yup, you read that right. And it was Awesome! I think I learned something, but it was hard to tell thru all the laughing. I hope they keep this on the program!

Blue Team!
Lisa, Michael and Blake - The Blue Team!
Red Team!
Ruth, Jeff and Amy - The Red Team!

On Wednesday morning, Michael and I once again did his monthly NCompass Live Tech Talk, LIVE from the conference. A few friends, who brought their friends, and even one of our pre-conference attendees, had a lively discussion about many issues floating around the conference that week.

Live broadcast of NCompass Live

And, there was also a bit of non-conference fun...

Rotisserie Truck!
Rotisserie Chicken Truck at the Farmer's Market!
Royce on the beach
Hanging on the beach.
Sleeping Seal
And seals, of course.
Cannery Row
Shopping and dinner on Cannery Row.

Next up...what I learned at Internet Librarian!
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