IL 2011: iLibrarian: Virtual, iPads & Mobile Devices
11/18/2011 04:39:00 PM | Author: Christa
Monday, October 17, 2011

Willie Miller Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis (IUPUI)

Indiana Univ. Fall 2010, iPad learning community. Gave faculty iPads - go play. Figure out how to use them in teaching. Univ. funded initiative.

Library instruction with iPads.

Mobile research – library’s mobile site.

Journalism – use several different news/media apps. Compare how different apps display/discuss the same topic.

Collaborative concept mapping – Popplet – work together on project. One group used this as presentation instead of doing PowerPoint.

-Measuring outcomes

209 respondents to survey

Just started in Spring 2011

“all tools you need are right there and customizable”
“convenient and fun”
“easier for collaborating”
“time wasted when iPad wasn’t working properly”
“I’m faster writing notes on paper than with an iPad”
“found myself wanting to play with the apps rather than focus on course material”
”can get lost in the iPad and not focus on group work”
“checked my email and Facebook rather than participating because it was easier to hide”

-Best practices

Plan activities in detail and test technology – be able to troubleshoot problems.

Convey expectations – the amount of work expected.

Monitor activities carefully – make sure they’re on track, not checking email/Facebook.

Curate resources – keep everything in one folder – "this is the work for today".

Cultivate mobile information literacy.

Consider device limitations. Ie. Database searching not for iPads. iPads load pdfs slower than PCs.

Library on Demand
University of La Verne

Linda Gordon

Supplemental, not replacing in-person contact with students and instructors. Maximize our outreach during busiest 1st 2 weeks of semesters.

Optimize outreach activities.

Optimize student learning preferences.

Darryl Swarm

Pilot program – one campus, 5 classrooms, get feedback from staff, students.

Phase II – add campuses, one at a time.

Phase III – individualized/specialized instruction.

Kitt Vincent

3 facets of pilot program


Adobe Acrobat – standard that can be used in the future, already licensed to the univ. 200-250 students at one time. Screen sharing.


Faculty at remote sites.


Campus staff as project support.

Lessons learned:

-Skype – logins wiped every night.

-Hardware acquisitions – takes forever to go thru the proper channels to purchase microphones, etc.

-Leadership changes/commitment/monetary promises.

-Naming conventions changed throughout the project.

-Hardware durability – dropped in classrooms.
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