Camping in Kansas
7/18/2011 10:09:00 AM | Author: Christa
139/365 - S'mores!Well, library camping, that is. Last Friday, I attended Library Camp Kansas at Kansas State Univ. in Manhattan, KS.

It was hot outside, but the sessions inside were very cool. :) These are my random notes from the sessions I attended.

Lightning talks – filter out people who tweet too much. Rated 1-11. Tweet more, rated 11, text is smaller.

Gimlet – State Library of Kansas – like libstats, for people who don’t have a tech team. Free for site. Reports - $10/month - Buffy Hamilton. Curate, collect, aggregate resources on specific topic. Magazine style dashboard. post to FB, twitter, tumblr. Free. RSS feed.

IMDB to MARC Converter. Amazon record to MARC converter. -Kate Wise, Kansas Weslyan Univ.

Breakout Session #1 - Rethinking lifelong learning

Heather Braum – traditional education is ages 5-22. Libraries are like education, but 0-grave. In past, could get job, and just do it till you retired. Didn’t have to keep learning new things. Now we learn and learn and learn.

Research saying younger people prefer to learn in short quick bits, like how they multitask. Older people remember learning in longer sessions, like hour long lectures. Libraries have all of these types of people they have to help – how do they do it?

What do you geek?

‘Databases’ – users don’t know what it means, are intimidated by the word, don’t know how to use them. Call them ‘apps’ instead? People know that word.

Public library in Virginia – advocacy – library as part of education. Got legislators involved in thinking of libraries just like schools, as far as $ is concerned.

CLASS – Salina Public Library, KS. Community Learning and Skill Sharing. Semester long classes.
Salina PL – went to river festival. Caught people reading anything – book, magazine, Nook, etc. gave them buttons. Promoted the library.

Atlas of New Librarianship – know your community and serve their needs. Let some things go. Only 3 people using VCR tapes? Get rid of them, move on. Sell the tapes to those people.

People who have a good library experience in elementary school, will be more likely to use college/public library. Not intimidated, understand what a librarian is for.

Library Journal article – libraries as creation places.

Focus on what we can do to impact our community. Let go of things that don’t work. Put $ and time towards things we can do. Don’t dwell on ‘libraries are going away’. Change what we do.

Breakout Session #2 - TED Talks in Libraries – Heather Braum

What is TED? Technology Entertainment Design. Inspiring, educational, challenged to give the best talk of their life in a short time – 20 min max. Captures and curates what people are doing in society.

Originally conf in CA. thousands of $$ to attend. 2005/6 – starting releasing videos online for free.
Local TEDx events. Licensed thru TED.

TEDx Oklahoma City – application form – why should we invite you? They wanted a cross section of people. So they choose who got to go.

Breakout Session #3 - Outreach

Govn’t docs. Relationship between public libraries and university or state libraries who have gov docs. Do the public libraries know about the gov docs that the state or university library has?

Outreach for public libraries to help university students who are overwhelmed/intimidated by university library? Community college/distance ed students are going to the public library for help now. What can public library/university library to do work together to help the students go where they should be – ie, the university library.
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