CIL 2011: Promoting with Web 2.0
3/21/2011 02:04:00 PM | Author: Christa
Monday, March 21, 2011
Speaker: Curt Tagtmeier, Fremont Public Library, Mundelein, IL

Article in Sept issue of Computers in Libraries.

Medium sized public library - offer free services galore - YouTube,, Twitter, Mobile Joomla, Meebo, Blogger/Dapper - the library staff think it's Awesome!

How can patrons benefit from all of these free things without needing multiple logins? Keep patrons in a place sponsored by the library?

Facebook! Why should libraries be on Facebook? Because that's where the people are.

Fremont Public Library on Facebook -

111,000,000 US users, 100 million mobile users, 500,000 apps, average user has 130 friends, average user is connected to 80 community pages/groups/events.

Facebook offers the best of many social networking sites in one - photos/Flickr, status updates/Twitter, videos/YouTube, IM/Trillian, private messages/email.

Mobile potential - for patrons and library staff - library staff can update page and patrons can view updates from almost anywhere.

Facebook Zero - can use FB on non-smartphones.

Mobile Site: A Case Study - created a mobile site using Joomla - looked just like an iPhone app, but wasn't. Lots of headaches by creating it themselves. Nobody used it. For smaller library - too much work for too little payoff. Now just a static site.

Secrets of Facebook Success - Be unique, practical, innovative, fun. Don't just duplicate your website, don't only feed info about programs. Facebook page needs to be different, interesting, useful. Feed in articles you find that might be useful to your patrons. Look at what other libraries are doing. Read up on apps that might be useful to your library/your patrons.

"Facebook Marketing for Dummies" new book just came out. Great info.

Things you might not know about Facebook:

- can embed an RSS feed into your library's page - your library blog.
- can create customized links on side of page using FB Markup Language - widgets, calendar.
- Administrators of page can now post as a page instead of as themselves - comment comes from library, not you. (Personal Note: I LOVE using this!)
- apps can be added to page - Goodreads app, for example, YouTube - share a video playlist of trailers for new DVDs at the library.
- - share playlists of new music recently purchased by the library. Podcasts - sign up as an artist, iLike provides streaming player, can listen to it directly in Facebook.

Future apps:

- - extract info from any web site using data mapping. rss feeds, Google gadgets. Just started experimenting with it.
- Use Facebook as a Reference services tool - embed Meebo into FB page for IM reference.
- embed library catalog.
- Wall as discussion board - Facebook Book of the Month Club - great idea, not working so well yet, that will happen, just have to try and see what your patrons like and use.
- Book trailer videos
- Twitter vs. Facebook - Twitter is active communication, Facebook is passive communication. Followed famous authors, retweet their posts, patrons liked seeing what authors were saying.
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