CIL 2011: Empowering the Reader in a Digital World
3/22/2011 12:01:00 PM | Author: Christa
Tuesday, March 22, 2011
Al Carlson, Tampa Bay Library Consortium
Chad Mairn, St. Petersberg College

Al Carlson

The book is the content, not the package.

"Diagnosing the DVD Disappointment: A Life Cycle View" - as every new device has come out its rate of adoption has become faster.

History suggests that libraries won't be ready - we never have been ready!


Dedicated eReaders

Kindle - not library friendly.
Nook - digital lending, but one book to one person one time.
Sony eReader - see it most often in library.
Skiff eReader - flexible display, hasn't really caught on.
HPs Flexible Display - mylar sheet can hold video display with no power.

Good for extended reading.

Non-dedicated eReaders

Kindle for PC
Nook - app for pretty much every device
Android ereading apps

Good for quick bursts of reading.

OK to have both!

ePublication Formats

Main ones we use - EPUB, PDF, AZW(Kindle)

Dueling formats - hard for patrons to see the difference between EPUB and AZW. And they don't care. They just want to read.

Dueling DRMs - Adobe ADEPT, Apple's FairPlay, Amazon's proprietary.

DRM is software lock that controls access to a file, need special key to unlock it.

Good or Evil? Yes.

Librarians Against DRM


How will/does ePub affect Public Libraries?
Access - website becomes the library.
Delivery - instant home delivery. no need to visit the library.
No overdues.
Storage - costs a lot to keep books around. can put entire collection on a 1 or 2 terabyte drive - costs about $60.
Ownership - stored, checked out from, and returned to their server. Do we really own the books anymore?
Publishers reluctance to sell to libraries - term limits, limited range of vendors.


75% of students still prefer print textbooks.
CoreSmart - download and use for 180 days. - limited.
Courseload - etextbooks and course management system, browser based
Flat World Knowledge
Inkling - trying to go beyond the book, adding,

The Kno, textbook tablet - $599.

Browser based books - truly device agnostic.
HTML 5 - content stored offline, access via the cloud.

Books in Browsers 2010 conference. Internet Archive.

How should libraries respond?

No rule that says libraries cannot convert EPUB to AZW for patrons, or mention calibre.

Live Demo
Kindle, calibre on computer already, DRM free book. book in EPUB format. use calibre to convert to kindle format so patron can read it. Took about 2 minutes.

What about DRM?

Is it legal to strip DRM? depends on who you ask. hasn't gone to supreme court yet.
not illegal to know how. Libraries can be the place with the least DRM or the least annoying DRM.

New model for patron - SHRED

Search, Holds, Rental, Electronically purchase, Donate to the library

Possible Academic model
Borrow or buy ebook, add notes in Photoshop like layer, return or sell back, retain the notes, sell notes to next student who buys book.

Libraries - be aggressive with publishers about getting ebooks in the format you want.
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