CIL 2011: EBook Publishing: Practices and Challenges
3/22/2011 11:18:00 AM | Author: Christa
Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ken Breen, EBSCO

1997 – ebook on CD with 127 page print manual on how to use it.
1998 - NetLibrary was founded. Last year EBSCO bought NetLibrary.

NetLibrary – next year, brand and name will be retired. Will become eBooks and eAudiobooks on EBSCOhost.
Ownership – 3 models - single user, 3 users, unlimited users/per book.
Consortia by number of libraries in group.
Lease – 1, 7, 14, 28 day lease.
Subscriptions – continue audiobooks, will consider ebook.
TitleSelesct will be replaced with EBSCOhost Collection Manager (ECM). Purchase, patron driven, EBSCO experts.

Leslie Lees, ebrary

Founded in 1999. Over 3700 institutional customers, 19.2 million end users. Acquired by ProQuest.
Subscription model – over 50,000 titles. Patron Driven Acquisition. Short term loans.
DASH – Data Sharing Fast – upload PDFs and add metadata.

Bob Nardini - Ingram

Coutts info services, academic arm of Ingram.
2008 study – academic libraries - 43% of ebooks are held in print too. Print and ebooks are living in coexistence, and we are a part of the biblioecosystem.
Signed agreement with OCLC to ILL ebooks.

Mike Shontz – OverDrive

Our role is as an library advocate. Create a marketplace where libraries can make an informed choice.
Will be more DRM free ebooks in the future.
Libraries must interact with the publishers to tell them what we want/need.


Adobe is main mechanism for DRM. Ebrary – we have proprietary software, but rights are determined by the publishers. Publishers are more willing to give looser DRM on their own systems but not on 3rd party aggregators.

Publishers you work with? Differences between OverDrive – public libraries and others who are more academic based.

Downloading pages? Ebrary – tries to support downloading a chapter – have to work with publishers. Ingram – started with 10, now up to 60. EBSCO – working with publishers to up to 60 pages.

When will be able to loan ebooks? Ingram – signed agreement with OCLC for ILL. ebrary – have short term loan.
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