Funky Photos: Pixlr vs. Aviary
9/30/2010 09:00:00 PM | Author: Christa
I've never done much photo manipulation, except to clean up or make bad pictures look better. So, experimenting with these 2 photo image editors was new for me.

I started out with this picture.

Pretty blue eyes

This is our neighbor's cat, who likes to stalk birds and rabbits in our yard. And lounge around like she owns the place. :)

First, I used Pixlr. I tried a few of the Filters and Adjustments. I really liked the Default options that I could use to quickly see all the different things I could do to my photo. I ended up turning my pretty kitty evil.

Evil Kitty

I accomplished this look with Adjustment - Curves - Color Negative.

Then I tried Aviary. I found it more difficult to use than Pixlr. That may be because it has so many more features. I did manage to get into the Filter Layer in Peacock. I tested out a bunch of the effects and morphed my cat into this crazy thing.

Crazy Kitty

It looks like a kaleidoscope effect, but it's called Inversion.

In the end, I did like using Aviary. But, I really had to read the instructions to learn how to use it. Pixlr was much more intuitive. I could just click and play around to teach myself how it works.

These free image editors are a great resource for libraries. They're a fun, easy way to jazz up program posters and fliers - just take a plain photo, change it with an interesting effect, and watch your patrons do a double take.
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