Revisiting Flickr
5/31/2010 06:02:00 PM | Author: Christa
I posted my first picture to Flickr on October 18, 2006. As of today, I have 1,884 items in my Flickr account - mostly pictures, but a couple of videos, too. It's not a huge amount, but it's pretty respectable for a little over 3 1/2 years. So, obviously, I have found Flickr to be very useful - I use it to share what's happening in my life with family, friends and colleagues.

And, as Jeff Dawson mentioned in the WebJunction webinar,
Library Images: Engage, Inspire and Tell your Story, I've also found it to be a "great conversation starter". For me, it's about the places and conferences and events I've been to - things that I've experienced and wanted to share.

As I was watching this webinar, it reminded me about something I've started thinking about a lot lately. Libraries and marketing. Libraries' need for promotion, Promotion, PROMOTION!

Of course, libraries advertise their services. We've been doing that forever, right?

But, what new things can you do to market your library more? How can new promotion help increase recognition and use of your library? Lester Public Library has done an amazing job using Flickr as the center of their marketing program. I was very impressed with the creativity shown in the photos from the library's Flickr account. There are tons of examples that other libraries can use to tell the stories of their libraries and communities.

I thought the Library Director as Tourist set of pictures was a great example of how a library's Flickr account doesn't have to be only pictures of library events. Showing how the library, and its director, are part of the community really puts a human face on the library and makes people feel closer to the library.

Michael Porter, from WebJunction, gave some really concrete whos, hows, and whys of using Flickr at your library. Libraries are fun, interesting and engaging. Flickr is a quick and easy way to share this with your community. Be creative and share your library's story. The more you do, the more your community will notice and become personally invested with your library.

Don't forget - a picture is worth a thousand words.
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