Tuesday, April 13, 2010
Speakers: Paul Coyne, Louise Alcorn

Paul Coyne - QR Codes

QR Codes – “Quick response” code

Need a phone with camera and QR code reader software.

Take a pic of QR code. Phone will decode QR code and present info in code.

QR code software is free.

Create your own QR code: QR Code Generator. Also free!

Bridge the gap between the physical and the digital world.

Younger students/readers use their cell phones A LOT. Many publishers tapping into this.

Libs using QR codes – directions, SMS a librarian, initiate a call to librarian, link to article - Huddersfeld Univ. Univ. of Bath – in OPAC.

Brooklyn PL – created codes for all 60 branches – addresses, contact info, etc. FREE!

Inventive Investigative curious playful.

QR codes can extend life of print content for mobile audience. Provide contextual info about the content (book, article). Engages researcher. Bridge the gab between static print world and dynamic digital world.

Users – more engaged, better informed, higher quality decisions about your services and content.

Easy to use and create

Already in play – libs, publishers, conferences.

Complementary to augmented reality.

Contact info for Paul Coyne

“Bright Ideas in Dark Times” – Louise Alcorn

Louise Alcorn

Free does not mean lesser value.

Dark times – things are bad, budgets/staff are slashed. Library use up. Not just at pub libs. At academics too. Our challenges are also opportunities. Every challenge is an opportunity for marketing. Patron: I need a job! Librarian: Look at all this stuff we have!

Creative Response:

Technology – market that you have wifi – they can come in with their own laptop to apply for jobs all day and no one will bug them. Online learning for new job duties cause co-workers have been fired. Resumes. Faxing service.

Collection Development – cooking for/with kids – cant afford to go out to eat, how to make a budget – public lib and college, audiobooks for commuters cause only job they could get is a long commute, gardening – grow own food.

Programming Ideas – resume writing, cover letter writing, more kids in childrens' programs because parents can't afford other activities anymore, fitness books – parks and rec., Mary Barnett Memorial Library – 2009 year of “Home Grown - Hand Made.”

Partnerships – rotary, parks and rec, economic dev.
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