Tuesday, April 13, 2010
Speakers: David Lisa, Michael Porter, Bob Beck
World of Warcraft in Libraries presentation - Computers in Libraries 2010

David Lisa, Michael Porter & Bob Beck

David Lisa

World of Warcraft (WoW) is a social network. Made up of people playing the game. Banding together to accomplish more in game content.

Who plays WoW? All ages, groups, economies.

Why do they play? PC environment, good economic value – flat monthly fee to do as much as you want, fun.

Does it require skill to play? Not really.

Build real life skills? Leadership – to found and maintain guild. Organization, management, diplomacy – leading parties.

Convergentsystems.pbworks.com – conference held within WoW.

Nickyee.com – The Daedalus Project – how game affects players in their real life.

“WoW as a Library Service” – Bob Beck

Inspiration – knitting group. Sit around and talk about all their projects. Same thing in WoW.

Administrative buy-in
1. Game demo – Dalaran – seeing people milling around in the streets – admin wanted to be there.
2. Location & equipment – use 10 basic Del laptops. WoW doesn’t need very high level computers.
3. Patron access questions. Use 10 day free trial. Patrons can bring in and use their own laptops.

WoW licensing - One client per PC used - ~$80/PC.

Man in military uses WoW to communicate with son back home. Aww.

Playing program – mini-raid - Lvl 1 chars. PVP – 1st person to win 3 duels, etc. RP – talk about char backgrounds.

Free Play – gets people talking, sharing.

Social programs – Meet & Greet – expected 30, 60 showed. Food. Laptops out if they want to log in. but mainly just social. How To – macros, customizing user interface, addons.


Libraries & Librarians Guild – Michael Porter

MP doesn’t like elves, fairies, trolls, etc. Went into game because needed to do research on a book – technological communities. Became intrigued with way you interacted with the game. Fascinating the way you navigate the world. Started having fun learning how to play game. Social engagement became intriguing.

Use Ventrilo to talk and be social.

Wow is a specialized web browser – you pay for access to an intranet.

Social aspect – wanted a way to connect librarians. To talk shop. Have to put real name and library in guild notes.

Libraries and Librarians of Aerie Peak

Computer History Museum - will have pics of the guild in exhibit.

Bank – contribute to the community. Develop trust – have access to more things in the bank.

Libraries = content + community. WoW is same.
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