Monday, April 12, 2010
Speakers: Michael Porter & Amanda Clay Powers

MP: Improve the value of using these social tools. Attitude has changed.

Oliver Blanchard - – having a social media presence nowadays is merely the equivalent of what being listed in the yellow pages meant 10 years ago. It simply isn’t enough to be there.

Must use social media tools effectively. Jason Falls -

Create Goals. Measure objectives. Measure. Strategies. Tactics.

We don’t have the time to create a business quality ROI report. Data is more anecdotal, but still just as relevant.

YouTube – Social Media ROI: Socialnomics

ACP: Simple metrics to show every month – we did it, we got this response.

Analyze a twitter feed – Miss. State Univ. Lib guide

Facebook Insights – Page, not group. Lots of data – demographics, interactions, etc.

Rave at MSU library – lib embraced it. Took their own pics, posted them that night. Students engaged with the library from it. Lib was first ones on campus to have pics up. 10 minute study break. Sunday night. Big spike in FB stats.

New auto e-mail from FB - weekly FB activity.

No longer trying to prove that twitter/FB are a good idea. It’s a done deal. So, what is the data good for?

It’s not all about numbers, it’s about building relationships. We’ve never had this ability before – knowing what our patrons are thinking about. We need to be there, answering their questions.

Get your resources noticed – ex. US Grant papers on MSU website. Track people tweeting about it, build a picture of info being shared.

No instant answers. What can we do with this info?

Are we being retweeted? Who? Why? What gets liked? By who? Why? Who’s engaging with you?

"What are you doing that's sticky?"
What are you doing that's sticky?

Host a tweet-up at your library. Janie Hermann – increased twitter/FB activity/followers.

Feed FB stats into google analytics.

Twapper Keeper – to archive tweets, hashtags
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