Happy (late) Birthday To Me!
6/18/2008 05:53:00 PM | Author: Christa
Last month I turned ::coughcoughcough::. ;)

In addition to that, it was a very busy month. We had parties and BBQs and concerts and fishing every weekend! On my actual birthday, May 17, we attended Ed and Vanessa's surprise wedding.

So, I ended up not doing anything special for my birthday. No dinner out. No party for me. But, that didn't bother me at all. I wasn't really feeling the urge to celebrate this one anyway.

But then I thought, I should do something special for myself. Make this birthday a good one, one I will want to remember.

So, John and I got tattoos together!

Sound like a spur of the moment thing? Nope. We've been talking about it for a long time. And I decided that this was a perfect way for me to get over my birthday annoyance.

So, last month, we headed over to Iron Brush Tattoo. John has 3 previous tattoos that were done by the amazing tattoo artist, Tyson Schaffert, owner of Iron Brush. So we both wanted our new ones to be done by him.

Well, due to the fact that Tyson is an amazing artist, he is very much in demand. So, the next appointment he had available was June 11. Oh well, no tattoo for me on my birthday, I'll have to wait a month.

And the wait was totally worth it, don't you agree?

My new tattoo - on my left ankle. It goes all the way around .
New tattoo!

John's new tattoo - on his left forearm.
John's new tattoo

Notice the similarity?

Yup, they both have the same celtic knot symbol as the basis, but done how we each wanted it to look.

John wanted a metallic look. He drew it up himself in blues and yellows. Tyson recommended the black background, to really make it pop. When it was done, John came out to show it to me. I think he was upset about how I looked when I saw it. I liked it, really, I did! But, I said, where'd the red come from? John told me that in the middle of doing it, the idea to add the red just popped into Tyson's head. He asked John what he thought and John told him to go for it. And of course, it came out awesome, because Tyson is awesome.

For mine, I had a picture of a tree of life tattoo, to show the kind of realistic branches that I liked. And I had the basic celtic knot symbol. Not being as artistic as John, the design was all in my head. I described what I wanted to Tyson, and he drew it up for me. When he showed his drawing to me, all I could say was WOW! It was better than anything I had pictured. He added the leaves, I hadn't even thought about those. He said he'd done wood before, but not tree branches like this. If that's true, I'd say this is crazy good for his first time!

And yes, it hurt. I limped around for a few days. We're both slathering on the Lubriderm. And now the hellish itching stage has begun.

And just to make an already exciting day even better - on the way home, the tornado sirens went off! Yay!

But no matter. I am now sporting a beautiful piece of original Tyson art.

It's a celebration of my birthday, a representation of my Irish heritage, and a symbol of the love that John and I share. And I will wear it proudly forever.
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On September 3, 2009 at 10:44:00 AM CDT , Wildfire said...

Thise tattoos are gorgeous, good choice! Love the fact they sort-of-match without being tacky. Nice.