A Boy Named Sue
3/06/2007 10:42:00 PM | Author: Christa
Do you know how to tell the sex of your ferret?


Well, apparently neither do the people at PETCO.

When we first got Twitch, last May, we asked if the baby albino was a boy or a girl. The employee flipped Twitch over to check and said, "It's a boy." Great! He's our Mr. Twitch, little Twitch Man.

Or...maybe not.

In December, we got Zen, a chocolate ferret companion for Twitch. He was about the same size as Twitch, so we figured that was perfect. He was just born in September, and Twitch was born last February, but that didn't matter, right? They're the same size, they'll get along great!

Hmmm...it's been a few months. Twitch is a year old now, full grown. Zen is 6 months old...and he's a giant! He must be twice as big as Twitch, and he's not done growing yet!

Well, Twitch was probably the runt of the litter. He's albino, maybe they run smaller? Yeah, he was the runt, but he's our little runt. We love him all the more because he was the runt. He's just too cute!

Tonight, John decided to take a closer look. The "boys" were playing on the dining room table. John flipped Zen over, and saw what looked like a belly button in the middle of his tummy. Then he flipped Twitch over. Hmm...no belly button. That's weird. Well, maybe it doesn't show as well, because he's albino.

Check Zen again...then Twitch. Then Zen...and Twitch.

Finally, John exclaims, "Twitch is a girl!"


You must be mistaken! He's our little boy! Annissa and I are in complete denial.

John jumps on the web, where you can find the truthiness about everything.

One page said "Sexing ferrets is very simple. If you find what looks like a very obvious belly-button (this is the male part), it's a boy! Girls don't have one.". Another added the detail "if there are two holes down between the back legs, it is a female. If there is only one between the back legs and a hole on the belly, it is a male."

I looked myself. Twitch doesn't have a belly button. But, "he" does have two holes between "his" back legs.

Holy belly buttons, Batman! Twitch is a girl!

Wow. Very weird. This is going to be hard to get used to, after a year of our "boy" Twitch.

Poor John. He thought he was making some headway, but the boys are still outnumbered in our house. And he was the one to discover it.
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