Flickr madness!
1/13/2007 05:12:00 PM | Author: Christa
So, I went a little crazy with Flickr this week. Uploaded a bunch of pics - mostly from our Christmas trip to NY, but a few others too. Here's the lowdown on what you can see at Photos o' Randomness.

Library Bags
I finally added the rest of my library bags pics. All OCLC bags - 9 of 'em! You can see all of the library bags I own in my Library Bags set. I think they reproduce on their own.

There's Mom and Annissa putting lights on the tree.
Mom and Annissa decorating the tree

And the little bit of snow that finally fell on December 30.
Snow on the deck

Snow in the front yard

Christmas in NYC
The day after Christmas we drove down to my sister's house in Beacon. Had a yummy fondue dinner - they got two fondue sets for their wedding, so we had cheese and broth. Then chocolate fountain for dessert! Yeah, I should have taken pics of that. But I was just too busy stuffing my face!

On Wednesday, we took the train into New York City. John, Annissa and my Mom had never seen NY at Christmas, so we had to see it all.

First was Grand Central and the new holiday light show. The inside of Grand Central was a giant kaleidoscope. It was amazing. People just stopped to stare up and watch the snowflakes and NYC scenes spinning and rotating all over the walls.

John wanted to see the NYPL lions. But they aren't wearing the wreaths. I remember them having wreaths around their necks at Christmas. Too bad - they're not as Christmasy now. But still just as impressive.

The Tree, of course.
The Tree at Rockefeller Center

Then, we waited in line to get into FAO Schwarz. Yup, there was a line around the building to get into a toy store. But, it was totally worth it. Next year, I'm asking for the stuffed Mammoth. It's only about 10 feet tall and $12,000.00. Oh, and John wants lots and lots of Legos.
The Dark Legos!

Batman on rooftop with gargoyle

All the big names have holiday light shows. Cartier had a cascade of huge jewelry boxes falling down the front of the building.
Cartier at Christmas
Every 15 minutes the largest red gift box over the door would open slowly and play “Carol of the Bells". Saks 5th Avenue had a dancing snowflake light show coordinated to Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas music on the facade of their building. And if you could tear your eyes away from that and look across the street, you would see more snowflake lights falling down the side of the Rockefeller Center building.

It was a long day, with lots of walking, but it was totally worth it. You can see more pics in the NYC set.

Snowy Saratoga
On Saturday afternoon, Mom, John, Annissa and I went into Saratoga just to walk around and see the city. The little bit of snow was just right.

But we can't go to Saratoga without a trip to Ben & Jerry's. Even if it is the middle of winter.
John and Annissa at Ben & Jerry's

See it all in the Saratoga set.

Snowy Iowa
This was just too cool looking not to take a picture of.
Flying over snowy Iowa
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